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2017 NRA Annual Meeting

 The 2017 NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta was another extraordinary success!  Attendance was 81,836 – the second highest ever!  The National Friends of NRA Banquet on Thursday evening attained a net of $344,000 and still counting as this is being written!  If you missed Atlanta 2017, you missed history!  The NRA-ILA Forum on Friday evening was packed to the maximum capacity for an incredible series of speakers highlighted by the presence and remarks of President Donald Trump!

Next year’s Annual Meeting will be in Dallas May 3 – 8, 2018.  Make your plans now to be there with tens of thousands of your fellow NRA members!

2017 NRA Board of Directors Election 

The following twenty-five individuals, listed alphabetically by last name, were elected to serve three-year terms on the NRA Board of Directors: William Allen, Thomas Arvas, Clel Baudler, Dan Boren, Ted Carter, Patricia Clark, Allan Cors, Charles Cotton, Lee Ermey, Graham Hill, Curtis Jenkins, Sean Maloney, Robert Mansell, Lance Olson, Melanie Pepper, Peter Printz, Todd Rathner, Carl Rowan, Steve Schreiner, Tom Selleck, Leroy Sisco, Linda Walker, Walt Walter and Heidi Washington.

Pursuant to the NRA Bylaws, vacancies on the Board are filled in order of votes received by candidates who were not elected to three-year terms.  Accordingly, Willes Lee was elected to a two-year term to complete the term of a deceased Director, and Kim Harryman was elected to a one-year term to complete the term of a Director who resigned from the Board to accept another position.

Each year one individual from among those candidates who were not otherwise elected is elected at the Annual Meeting by the NRA members present to serve a one-year term on the Board of Directors.  John Cushman was elected by the members to that position.

Congratulations to all of the candidates who were elected to the Board of Directors and granted this special opportunity to serve our members, our cause and the NRA!

Bylaw Amendment

The amendment to the NRA Bylaws which was before the voting members this year was approved by a margin of 92% to 8% - a landslide and a clear statement of support!

And finally…

During the Board of Directors meeting in Atlanta following the Annual Meeting, I was honored to be re-elected by my fellow Directors to serve on the NRA Executive Committee.

Herb Lanford
Past President, GOSC
Member, NRA Board of Directors



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