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2018 NRA Annual Meeting

 The 2018 NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas was a HUGE success!  Attendance was 87,154 - a new record, surpassing the previous record by over 5,300 attendees.  President Trump and Vice President Pence both attended and spoke at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, an historic event!  There was something for everyone of every interest in the full schedule of programs, seminars and entertainment.  The Exhibit Hall covered fifteen acres filled with everything you could want to see.  Dallas 2018 was incredible!

 The 2019 Annual Meeting will be April 25-30 in Indianapolis.  Put it on your calendar, plan to attend, and make your reservations early!  I hope to see you there!

 2018 NRA Board of Directors Election

 Congratulations to all!

 The following individuals were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the terms indicated:

 Three years:  S. Bach, W. Bachenberg, R. Barrett, R. Brown, D. Cain, D. Coy, E. Fleeman, J. Friedman, J. Golob, M. Heil, D. Keene, T. Knight, C. Lightfoot, D. Liptak, C. Meadows, B. Miller, O. Mills, I. New, R. Nosler, K. Rhode, W. Ross, D. Saba, W. Satterfield, J. Sigler, and K. Titus

 Two years:  R. Schmeits

 One year:  During each Annual Meeting the members present elect one individual to serve a one-year term on the Board of Directors.  This year I was honored to be elected by my fellow NRA members to this position.

 Election to the NRA Board of Directors is an extraordinary opportunity granted by our members to serve the membership, our cause, our Association, future generations, and our Nation!


See you in Indianapolis, if not before!


Herb Lanford
Past President, GOSC
Member, NRA Board of Directors





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